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Everything you need to know about using incubators for incubation hatching

An incubator is quite an investment in incubation hatching, so you should look to the future when buying a new one. After all, it's hardly worth your while if you buy a model that turns out at a later date to be far too small for your needs. And it's not just the size of the incubator that you have to consider but also what sort of breeding practices you'll be likely to engage in. If, for example, you intend to turn out a continuous stream of hatchlings for sale, even a large incubator is unlikely to be adequate to your needs.

What you need instead are a separate hatchery and incubator, so that you can keep transferring eggs in different stages of development to the different units, thus ensuring that your production of hatchlings remains constant. This cannot be done if you have a single incubator, albeit even a large one. This is the sort of factor that you need to take into consideration if you want to ensure that you have the best possible equipment for your poultry farm. Another important point in incubation hatching is exactly where you site your incubator.

This can be crucially important, because a bad site will not only strain your incubator, but indeed might provide conditions that your incubator is quite unable to deal with, resulting in an entire set of eggs going bad. I personally recommend that you site your incubator somewhere indoors where it can be well protected from the vagaries of the weather. Remember also when placing it that fresh, oxygenated air is crucial to the survival of your eggs. A barn would be a good place for an incubator, but just about any indoors location that can provide adequate air circulation with adequate shelter will do. With a site like this, conditions like humidity and temperature become easier to control, and this can help the survival of your eggs and young hatchlings.

Of the many types of incubators available today, there are two types that more or less dominate in hatcheries everywhere. Some incubators use the forced air system, and these are usually the largest variety. They are also excellent for the health of your stock, because they have large fans that circulate air in the interior of the incubator. The other variety does not have fans, and is usually much smaller as well. Be careful about how you use the different incubators, as the incubation hatching temperature range for each is different.

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