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Things you can do to reduce losses in live stock when working at incubation hatching

The problem with incubation hatching is that so many things can possibly go wrong. Disease can strike your brood, and many of your eggs may not even hatch correctly. These are just a few of the things that can go wrong. The good news is that while incubation hatching is indeed a delicate process, it is still possible to engage in it successfully. You just have to be careful to maintain environmental conditions within the ranges that the eggs and young birds require.

Sanitation is extremely important as well, and can well spell the difference between success and failure. You won't believe how many breeders have lost their entire stock simply because they would not pay attention to simple commonplace details of livestock care and sanitation. That's a very interesting word, common sense. If I was asked to define the single most important factor that's separates the successful breeder from others, I would say that this factor is common sense.

Try to avoid mistakes that can be side-stepped. You won't believe how many amateur breeders choose eggs from unhealthy hens for breeding, for example. Doesn't it make sense that an egg from an unhealthy mother will be less likely to survive than an egg taken from healthy stock. Yet you wouldn't believe the amount of breeders who actually make this relatively silly error. Another common mistake is to choose eggs for breeding that are misshapen, or which have some other obvious defects. To place eggs like these in an incubator is simply a waste of effort, and should be avoided if at all possible. Another key to successful breeding is information. The more you know about the breeding process the less likely you will be to make errors that a less well informed person could easily make. Information in this business, as in so many others, is actually a crucial key to success. Make no mistake about it, incubation hatching is a skill and a science, and you mustn't think that you will be able to succeed at it without the right kinds of knowledge at your finger tips. You might be surprised at me mentioning strategies that seem so self obvious, but these are exactly the things the people who fail at incubation hatching miss out on. Incubation hatching is not something that is impossibly complex, yet at the same time, it is something that you should only attempt with the necessary information at your finger tips.

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